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Get Out of the Frames

Do you ever want to escape from the frames others limit you?

Sometimes I feel drowned in those frames. The characters we have to play in society, the tasks we have to do in routine.

Even in holidays, colleagues have to send me messages which totally invade my private life.

Framed Doll   ( CONTEST ENTRY 1)
Photo by Me

I would really like to breathe, love, hate, act in my free will. That’s why I desperately want to leave a free will zone in my Second Life.

Setting theme for my photo shooting, meeting dealines of blogging brands……these all make me stressful. They can be good sometimes as motivation, but my Real Life has already fulled of such rules. I just need to take my own breath.

I can’t control what others gaze me as in the frames in their mind. But I can escape my own mind-trapped frames.

  • Not to compare my works to others
  • Shoot what I want
  • Edit in a way I like
  • Control my own Gallery

I made one mistake as I was afraid to make a person unhappy, so I said yes for his/her suggestion. But at the end, this caused me long time regret and unreveresed damage to what I value most in my SL.

You always have to learn from your mistakes. It’s time to grow. I am no longer a teenager and I have to fully control my own SL after that mistake.

Sometimes, You have to Say NO to Gain Your YES in Life.

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Second Life Friendship

In Second Life, there are about 30000 online users every hour and 27631 sims in total for now. The possibility to meet one person in SL is 0.003% and the chance to be at the same sim is also 0.003%. And the possibility of two matching soul is way way low.

So, when you meet one true friend, it’s magical. Please be thankful and treat her/him good.

I’m lucky as I meet some nice people there with support and concern to each other. But I do meet people hurting me at the same time.

Sometimes I forget SL is also a real world. There are mean people like real world. People judge without knowing certain information of you, or even judge of your personal habits.

Sharing a quote I like for long,

Lead Your Own Path, Let Others Talk.
—— Alighieri Dante

We can’t change others, we can just walk our own paths.

Treasure the real friendship and let the past be past.

Oh Paris, Paris!
Photo by Me
Photo by Me

In Real Life such enormous world, the possibility of meeting one true friend is even lower. This means it’s truly destiny and you certainly have to value it and give lots of efforts into it!

We are just a mild dust in the universe, but we are a pearl in someone’s world.

TP to My Gallery, Starborn

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Second Life Destination – Cloud Edge

Second life always surprises me with unexpected creativities, imaginations and advanced building skills.

You thought you had been to most SL wonderlands? Cloud Edge will definitely broaden your horizon with the heaven wander vibe! You can finally breathe fresh air on the mountain top! To gaze the boundless and majestic landscape!

An Amazing Sim to Refresh, A Must-Go Sim of Photography Inspiration.


Into the Light
Photo by Me
Hey, we'll be just fine
Photo by Me
Clouded mountains
Amazing Photo by ♦digitalSea♦ 

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Which Photo Style do You Prefer?

Dark tone or Colorful Warm tone?

My photos vibe varies with my fluctuated emotion. I press shutter only when i feel something. Mostly, I like to take colorful and warm photos as I want Lizbeth Morningstar be happy, chasing light in both life. Even I have blue mood, I always like to shed a light in the dark.

Have You Ever Noticed?
Photo by Me

Once a person commented my photos, saying if I took more dark tone photos, he/she would like my photos even more.

This is hurtful. If I take photos to please others, this is just not me. I do take dark tone sometimes only when I feel something. When I take more dark tone photos, means I have more bad days. I don’t want to be upset often.

I take photos to record my SL life and sometimes as healing to soothe my RL stress, to Focus, to Breathe.

Entry for ART KORNER Photo Contest Edition 2 - Portraits - [Lizbeth Morningstar]
Photo by Me

Are my colorful photos not artistic enough? Probably. But taking photos in my free will in SL is my original motive joining SL.

I’ve never meant to do Art. I take photos coz I Love Photography. I haven’t seen myself as professional at all. I know I have my insufficiency, I am happy to learn from talented artists here. But don’t ever force me to change my photography style for anyone.

Here are two photography quotes I like:

“ Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph ”

— Andre Kertesz

“ You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. ”

― Ansel Adams

I hope you will see Me in My Photos. Thank You.

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Second Life is a relatively much Fair World than Real Life

When you put effort into your creation, event promotion, you will mostly gain your rewards like recognition to your work and at least some guests showing up in the event. It’s mostly depends on your EFFORT.

However, real life is not this way. You can’t ensure your rewards. Mostly depends on your BOSS, whether he gets the insight and be fair. Recently a colleague quit, I have to take up most of his duties on top of my own workload for two months until the new staff arrives. Responsible staff bears irresponsible staff’s duties, is this fair? DEPENDS.

In Short run, it’s like crazily work explodes! One man does 1.5 man job! Can you imagine?!

In Long run, Practice Makes Perfect, Pressure Provokes Potential. You will enhance your time management and capabilities.

But this is not 100% guarantee as you may still lose the chance of promotion if your boss is dominant and fatuous which means your cultivation may never attain harvest.

Thus, in Real Life apart from capability and effort, mostly depends on Luck aka How Fair your boss is. That’s why most employees are discouraged while in Second Life we can mostly control the product and the harvest rate.

Yes, I prefer such “Better Real World” SL community.

G - 2023 · My Gallery

Tasks before Gallery Exhibition Event

Everytime I am very stressful and tired before my gallery exhibition event. Lots of thing to prepare and always afraid of very few guests showing up. Here is my To-Do List:

  • Confirm Artist and DJ date & time
  • Remind Artist to rezz items
  • Design Flyer
  • Write Event Notecard
  • Submit Event to SL event calendar
  • Send Flyer and Notecard to guests using Postmaster
  • Send Notice to Groups
  • Post Flyer on Social Media platforms such as Flickr, Twitter, Mastodon, Blog, Discord
  • Send Reminder IM to guests hours ago before the event One by One ( This is the Most Time-consuming and Tired part! )
  • Send Notice to Groups half hour before the event

I use Google Keep to mark down all my tasks and set templates to facilitate the work flow. But it’s still exhausting. Nonetheless, photography and my gallery is the original motive of joining Second Life, I have to do this and it’s bittersweet.

I’ve already invited several artists to exhibit in my gallery in the future. The schedule has been set till November 2023! Am I crazy to book the artists so soon?! LOL. This is me, always keep making myself busy in SL.


I sincerely invite you to come to the Event of the Featured Artist Exhibition and my own exhibition in Starborn.

  • Featured Artist Exhibition •
    Banagher Crisp

Exhibition Theme: Whispering Sky

★ Event ★

Starborn Featured Artist ★ Banagher Crisp ★ Exhibition Party

Banagher’s photos have great lighting and sensation. Please come to take a look!

In the meantime, I will also exhibit some new photos of the theme

  • How Many Faces Do We Have •

It’s a reflection of true self. You may see different faces of me.

Starborn Exhibition Event

Hope to see you soon! You may also invite your friends to come.

Thank You very much! 😊

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Why Second Life but NOT other Metaverse Platforms ?

Hello, readers. I’m Lizbeth Morningstar. I joined Second Life in March 2022. Here is my 1st Blogpost.

I want to start a SL Blog as to share my experiences, feelings or thoughts of my Second Life. I have Flickr and Mastodon. But most people don’t actually read descriptions on Flickr while Mastodon limits the text characters. Hence, I’m here. : )

Since I joined SL, my passion to it grows time after time.

1. Immersive vibe of a Better Real World

Second Life provides us a sense of better real world but not a cartoon happily-ever wonderland. The realistic buildings, decorations and avatar outlook makes the world better and much idealistic, but not fake vibe.

What attracts me is that I can wander there like in real world, discover the unexpected things in the next street. I’m a girl who always like to explore open world such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077. They are not real, but their detailed-built world and stories with humanities make you immerse in it and feel like real.

In Second Life, you truly get the amazing detailed-built world and the interaction with Real people behind the avatars.

We can be a better us and the world can be much peaceful.

Berlin 1920s
Photo by Me
Sim: The 1920s Berlin Project

2. Amazing world for Photography

Can I take realistic photos in pixel box Minecraft or cartoonized Meta? I can take photos in those platforms but I certainly can’t edit them look like real world photos or artistic vibe photos.

But Second Life is a powerful platform for photography! Sometimes I even can’t tell some SL artists’ photos are taken in real world or Second Life. Photos in SL can be edited with lighting and shadow to make them look real or artistic based on the detailed realistic world and realistic avatar outlook.

Here are some photos of the talented SL photographers I appreciate:

Photo by SL Photographer e x i s t e n c e.
Photo by SL Photographer e x i s t e n c e.
Did you know you brighten up every room you're in?
Photo by SL Photographer Pedro

3. To be Free

Finally I have a chance to be who I really want to be few hours each day without much concern of real life. I can be Lizbeth Morningstar, I can interact with people around the world without a flight, I can have my gallery in SL, I can dress whatever I like.

In real world, I can’t build my own gallery or be a full-time photographer unless I am rich and don’t have to pay my living. But in Second Life, the cost of owning a parcel is much lower than Real Life.

Happy New Year!
Photo by Me
My Gallery

TP to My Gallery, Starborn


I’m happy in Second Life and I will keep growing there with my passion. Yes, its system certaily is complicated to beginners. But after you get familiar with it, you will embrace its community.

Please JOIN us if you’re still looking us from the window.